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Raster Scanning System With Resonant Scanner And Galvanometer Scanner

Features and Advantages

  • Locking a resonant optical scanner with a galvo scannner
  • Analog position output for the X and Y scanners
  • Remote scan angles (amplitude) control
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The XYG scanning system generates a raster scan (X and Y, like a TV screen). The PLD-XYG driver locks a resonant scanner ("X") with a galvanometer (linear scanner, "Y") to generate a raster scan. The basic raster scanning system we manufacture consists of the following: a resonant scanner, a galvanometer scanner, mount for both scanners, and a driver box. Additional features are optional.

You can use any of the resonant scanners we manufacture for the "X" direction, however Model SC-30 high frequency resonant scanner is chosen most often. The high speed resonant scanner model SC-30 has a continuous sine wave motion. The resonant frequency of the scanner is determined by the number of lines required for each frame multiplied by the required frame rate. For example, for 525 lines per frame and a frame rate of 30Hz the resonant frequency of the X scanner (high frequency) is determine as follows: 525x30=15.75KHz.

If the resonant scanner is used in both directions of the sine wave, clock wise and counter clock wise, it generates two lines for each cycle and the frequency of the X scanner in this case is 7.875KHz. The advantage is that you can use a larger size mirror. Please note that the higher the frequency, the smaller the mirror size.

The resonant scanner model SC-30 at 8 KHz and 16 KHz are the most popular scanners, they are the most suitable to meet the line scan high resolution requirements for TV/HDTV. Resonant scanners offer very low cross axis wobble and scan-to-scan repeatability is well below a few arc second PTP optical. We manufacture many models of resonant scanners that would fit XYG raster scanning systems and they are available in a variety of frequencies, optical scan angles, and frame rates. Special configurations, waveforms and shapes are available as a special order (consult factory).

The frequency of the galvo scanner (the frame rate for the Y axis) is generated from the resonant scanner. It is a ramp type of wave form (constant speed) with a fast flyback.

The PLD-XYG driver is fully integrated with front panel scan angle controls (remote controls are optional). The driver operates the resonant scanner (X axis, high frequency) in a self-oscillating mode, at the resonant frequency of the scanner, and is also generating the Y signal to drive the galvo scanner (Y axis, low frequency).

The PLD-XYG driver has analog position output for the X and Y scanners and remote scan angles (amplitude) control are optional. No external function generator is needed to operate the XYG system.

For OEM manufacturing we may consider providing free information to build the driver so that you can incorporate it within your drive electronics or build it to a desired size.

To build the XYG scanning system we need to know:
For the (X) resonant scanner:
Scan angle [degree, PTP optical]
Beam size, desired mirror size [mm]
wavelength and power of the laser (source)
Frequency [Hz] fixed frequency

Mirror for resonant scanner:
Enhanced aluminum protective coated mirror is our standard mirror
Gold coated (protected) and silver coated (protected) mirrors, beryllium/metal mirrors, are optional or customer supplied.

For (Y) galvo scanner:
The frame rate (the ratio of the frequency of scanner X to the frequency of scanner Y). Mirror for galvo:
Silver mirror is standard.

For the laser (source):
Number of lines per frame


X-axis frequency range10 Hz to 16 KHz
y-axis frequency rangeDC to 100 Hz
Scanner amplitude stability0.01% or better
Position monitorAnalog position output, +/-5V max. 1k ohm max load
Scanner amplitude stability 0.01% or better
Phase stability0.01%
Frequency ratio Fx/FyFactory set to customer specifications
Operating temperature rangeRoom temperature only
Power input110V ac or 220V ac, 50-60 Hz, 20W

The system can be used as a "stand alone" unit, in the laboratory, or can be incorporated into an instrument or a system. X,Y scanning systems provide inexpensive high performance for limitless applications involving beam deflection: TV, HDTV, for 2D and 3D imaging, lithography, photo typesetting, for color separation, CAD/CAM, high resolution display systems, web inspection and for laser marking systems to name a few. The scanning systems are also used for robotics, medical non-invasive research and testing, transportation, non-impact printing and laser scanning, inspection systems and high speed, high resolution display system and machine vision. Many applications are in the IR & UV wavelength, high vacuum or cryogenic conditions. The scanner withstands shock and vibration, it can be mounted on moving vehicles, moving arms of an inspection system or a robot.

The XYG system is custom made. The following information is needed:
[Model SC-]; MIRROR SIZE [mm]; ANGLE [P-P Deg. optical]; FREQUENCY [Hz]
Example: PART NO. SC30-10x10-20-4000. This part number specifies the model SC-30 scanner, a 10mm square mirror, a 20 deg. peak to peak optical scan angle and a 4000 Hz operating frequency.

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