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High Frequency Resonant Optical Scanner

Features and Advantages

  • ONE FIXED FREQUENCY from the range of 200 Hz to 16 KHz
  • Bi-directional scanning possible to double the frequency
  • No lubrication needed, maintenance free
  • Mirror size up to 25×25mm
  • Scan angle up to 30° peak-to-peak optical
  • Small size/lightweight
  • Low power drive electronics
  • Low power heat dissipation
  • Rugged, no wearing parts
  • High reliability
  • Withstands shock and vibration
  • High frequency stability (to 0.005%)
  • High/low temperature operation1
  • Vacuum operation (to 10-10 Torr)1
  • Jitter free operation
  • No radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Mirror position provided
  • Glass mirrors are standard, beryllium/metal mirrors, prisms or lenses optional1
1 Available on special order
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Advanced Resonant High-Frequency Scanners for Precise Optical Deflection

The SC-30 resonant high-frequency scanners are engineered to deflect light beams through sinusoidal motion. Crafted for a range of dedicated applications and industries worldwide, these scanners stand out for their exceptional frequency performance, precision, and reliability.

Key Features of the SC-30 Resonant High-Frequency Scanner

  • High Frequency Scanning: The SC-30's high frequency performance is unmatched in the industry.
  • Reliability: Enjoy the assurance of long-lasting, dependable performance. These electromagnetically driven moving mirror devices are renowned for their exceptional reliability, making them a trusted choice for critical applications.
  • Precision and Repeatability: With high-speed capabilities and exceptional repeatability, the SC-30 scanner generates sinewave motion with extreme accuracy. Its resonance at a fixed frequency, combined with a high "Q" factor, ensures stability and minimal power requirement.
  • Adjustable Scan Angle: While the frequency remains fixed within the range of 200Hz to 16KHz, the scan amplitude can be adjusted, granting you the flexibility to adapt to diverse scenarios.
  • Versatile Applications: From laser scanning to biomedical imaging, robotics, machine vision, and more, the SC-30 resonant scanner finds its place across an array of applications that demand top-notch resolution and minimal distortion.
  • Easy Integration: Compact and portable, these scanners seamlessly integrate into small instruments and high-volume OEM production lines. We offer valuable information to assist OEM customers in building controllers tailored to their space requirements.

Typical Scan Frequency as a Function of Angle and Mirror Size

The following should serve as guidelines only.


Empowering Innovators and Integrators

The remarkable success of the SC-30 resonant scanner has made it a cornerstone of innovation for OEM companies and a favored choice among imaging technology R&D professionals and system integrators. Its rapid scanning capabilities find application in projection, data acquisition, high-resolution imaging, and more.

Tailored Drivers for Optimal Control

Efficiently harness the potential of the SC-30 scanner with our specialized drivers:

  • ED Driver: Offering a square wave reference output signal and adjustable amplitude control, this driver ensures precise control over scan parameters.
  • AGC Driver: Boasting superior amplitude stability (0.01%), the AGC driver provides a sine wave reference signal for position output, TTL level square wave reference signal, and adjustment of the phase relationship between the mirror position and output signals.
  • PLD-1S Driver: Achieve synchronization to an external clock input by using the PLD-1S driver. Perfect for scenarios where synchronization of the scanner to other system components is paramount.
  • PLD-2S Driver and PLD-2SXY Driver: These drivers enable synchronized operation of two scanners, creating patterns such as circles, ellipses, and raster scans.

Ordering Information

TYPE [SC-30]; MIRROR SIZE [mm]; ANGLE [P-P Deg. optical]; FREQUENCY [Hz]
Example: PART NO. SC30-4x5-6-16000. This part number specifies the model SC-30 scanner, a 4x5mm mirror, a 6° peak to peak optical scan angle and a 16KHz operating frequency.

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