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Wide Angle Resonant Scanner

Features and Advantages

  • ONE FIXED FREQUENCY from the range of 15 Hz to 2,000 Hz
  • Scan angle up to 60° peak-to-peak optical
  • Mirror size up to 30x30mm
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Small size and lightweight
  • Low power drive electronics
  • Rugged, no wearing parts
  • Maintenance free
  • High reliability
  • Withstands shock and vibration
  • High frequency stability (to 0.005%)
  • High/low temperature operation1
  • Vacuum operation (to 10-10 Torr)1
  • Jitter free operation
  • No radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Mirror position output available
  • Glass mirrors with enhanced aluminum coating are standard, coating for IR and UV optional1
1 Available on special order
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The SC-25 type scanners are ideal for applications involving large optical beams, simultaneous imaging of multiple beams, or similar large amplitude applications. The scanners operate at one fixed frequency. Glass mirrors are standard, and metal mirrors, gratings, and lens (UV-IR-VIS) are available on special order.

The scanners require only minimal power. Since they are components that have no wearing parts, they provide excellent repeatability and long life. The scanners are used in varying applications including:
Laser scanners and non-impact printers
Barcode readers
Raster scanners
CAD/CAM systems
Inspection systems and non-destructive testing instruments
Intelligent transportation systmes
Biological and medical research
Material research
Machine vision and robotics

Operation at resonant frequency is sustained by a feedback amplifier type ED driver or the AGC driver, using the scanner as a frequency source. The AGC driver also provides a higher amplitude stability (0.01%) and a position output signal. The PLD-1S driver will phase lock the scanner to an external clock signal. The PLD-2S driver will phase lock two scanners as a "master/slave" scanning system and the PLD-2SXY driver will phase lock two scanners as an "X-Y" scanning system.

ONE FIXED FREQUENCY from the range of 15 to 2,000 Hz. The following should serve as guidelines only.


SCAN ANGLE (P-P deg opt)MIRROR SIZE (mm)FREQ. (Hz +/-10%)

TYPE [SC-25]; MIRROR SIZE [mm]; ANGLE [P-P Deg. optical]; FREQUENCY [Hz]
Example: PART NO. SC25-30x30-60-100. This part number specifies the model SC-25 scanner, a 30mm square mirror, a 60° peak to peak optical scan angle and a 100 Hz operating frequency.