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Resonant Choppers Phase Locked In Primary And Secondary Mode

Features and Advantages

  • Locks two tuning fork choppers in primary/secondary mode
  • 10 Hz to 16 KHz frequency range
  • Both sine wave and square wave reference signals
  • Clock stability +/-50 PPM
  • 0.01% phase stability
  • Position output
  • 0.01% or better amplitude stability

Product Options

Board level driver that requires an external +/-12V to +/-15V dc power supply.
Cased driver (12" × 10" × 3.8") operating from a line voltage of 110V AC.
Cased driver (12" × 10" × 3.8") operating from a line voltage of 220V AC.
Cased driver (12" × 10" × 3.8") with a line switch selector for operating from a line voltage of 110V or 220V AC.
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The PLD-2C driver phase locks two choppers. The [sub]system consists of two resonant optical choppers (type CH), chopper "A" and chopper "B", in a primary/secondary mode, to provide ultra stable modulating beam motions. The system can be used as a "stand alone" unit, in the laboratory or as a portable instrument, or incorporated into a larger instrument or system.

Chopper "B" is phase locked to chopper "A" (the secondary is locked to the primary). The phase relationship to the master is factory set to customer requirement (0° to 360°) and is front panel adjustable in a range of +/-45° min. The driver can be a fully integrated driver with front panels controls and internal power supplies or a printed circuit board level driver. The dimensions of the cased driver are: 12" × 10" × 3.8". The PLD-2C-PC driver is a printed circuit board level driver, which requires an external +/-15V DC power supply.


POWERPower switch to turn the drive "ON"
LOCKED MODEChoppers are phase locked in a primary/secondary mode
OSCILLATOR MODEChoppers are self oscillating at their resonant frequency (not locked)
PHASE CONTROL POTPhase adjustment of choppers in relationship to each other, +/- 45 degrees
MONITOR A & BChopper position output for each chopper, BNC connectors
AMPLITUDE A & BAmplitude adjustment POT for each chopper
OUTPUT A & BOutput connector to interconnect to each chopper


Frequency range10 Hz to 16 KHz
MonitorAnalog position output, +/-5V max. 1K ohm max load for each chopper
Phase adjustment range+/-45° min.
Phase stability0.01%
Phase relationshipFactory set to customer specifications
Operating temperature rangeRoom temperature only
Power input110V ac or 220V ac, 50-60 Hz, 20W