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ED Driver

Features and Advantages

  • Amplitude control adjustable 5:1 min.
  • Square wave reference output signal
  • 12V to 15V input power
  • 110V or 220V operation
  • Low cost

Product Options

Enclosed driver (3.25" × 2.12" × 1.12") operating at 110V AC.
Enclosed driver (3.25" × 2.12" × 1.12") operating at 220V AC.
Printed circuit board used as a plug-in assembly.
Printed circuit board mounted on standoffs.
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The ED driver is configured to operate a broad range of resonant optical scanners and resonant optical choppers at their natural frequency. The ED driver amplifies the pickup coil signal from the resonant device and returns the amplified signal to the drive coil. This positive feedback loop is user controlled by an amplitude limiting trim pot. The ED driver also provides a monitor output square wave reference output signal and is amplitude control adjustable over a range of 5:1 min.

The ED type driver is available in for driving SC type resonant scanners and CH type resonant choppers.


Input Power12V to 15V dc, 150 mA Max.
Frequency Range5 Hz to 20 KHz
Amplitude ControlAdjustable over a range of 5:1 Min.
Monitor OutputA square wave reference output signal at J3 pin 1 (ED-110/220: pin M)
ConnectorsJ1-Molex (Power): P/N 22-23-2021
J2-Molex (I/O): P/N 22-23-2041
J3-Molex (Monitor): P/N 22-23-2021
Power SupplyAn optional wall plug-in power supply is available
(PS-12-110 for 110V and PS-12-220 for 220V AC)

TYPE [ED-110, ED-220, ED-M, ED-P], per customer specifications.

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