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Driver for SH-10 Spring-Loaded Laser Shutter

Features and Advantages

  • Easily connects to SH-10 shutter
  • Can be used with all SH-10 24V models
  • External shutter control with TTL signal
  • 5.3" × 5.3" × 2" cased driver
  • 110V or 220V operation

Product Options

BNC connector input for cased drivers to control blade position (5V = open, 0V = close).
Operates from a line voltage of 110V AC.
Operates from a line voltage of 220V AC.
Includes a line switch selector for operating from a line voltage of 110V or 220V AC.
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Flexible Driver for SH-10 Laser Shutter

The DSH-10 driver is specifically designed to control the SH-10 optical shutter. In the event of power loss, the SH-10's fail-safe feature causes the shutter to quickly spring to its apperature blocking, closed position. The driver is easily operated using the TTL mode or manual mode control switch.

TTL Mode: Remotely Control the Laser Shutter

In TTL mode (top position of the control switch), the shutter is controlled by an external TTL voltage at the terminal block. A TTL high voltage closes the shutter apperature and a TTL low voltage opens the shutter apperature. TTL input is pulled high so when no signal is present the shutter closes. The driver my be ordered with an optional BNC connector to input the TTL signal.

Manual Mode: Local Shutter Control

In the manual mode, the shutter is locally controlled by moving the control switch to the open position (bottom position of the control switch) or the close postion (center position of the control switch). Manual mode overrides any external TTL signal present.


Input power110V or 220V AC for DSH-10-110 and DSH-10-220
External inputTTL level (high = closed, low = open)
Operating temperature0 to 65 °C
Dimensions5.3" × 5.3" × 2"

Ordering Information

TYPE [DSH-10-110, DSH-10-BNC-110, DSH-10-220, DSH-10-BNC-220, DSH-10-110/220, DSH-10-BNC-110/220, DSH-10-PC], per customer specifications.

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