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AGC Driver

Automatic Gain Control

Features and Advantages

  • Automatically regulated feedback amplifier
  • Improves the amplitude stability of the device
  • Provides sine wave and TTL square wave reference signals
  • Trim pot for adjustment of 180° of the phase of the reference signal
  • Trim pot for amplitude adjustment

Product Options

Board level driver that requires an external +/-12V to +/-15V dc power supply.
Cased driver (5.3" × 5.3" × 2") operating from a line voltage of 110V AC.
Cased driver (5.3" × 5.3" × 2") operating from a line voltage of 220V AC.
Cased driver (5.3" × 5.3" × 2") with a line switch selector for operating from a line voltage of 110V or 220V AC.
A feedback amplifier to control the scan amplitude set by an external voltage input.
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The AGC driver, a close loop feedback amplifier, operates a broad range of resonant optical scanners and resonant optical choppers at their natural frequency. The AGC driver has an Automatic Gain Control circuit which automatically regulates the motion amplitude of the resonant device. It improves amplitude stability by approximately 10 times compared to the unregulated drivers and provides precise control for a wide temperature range.


Both sine wave and TTL level square wave are provided as reference signals.
A trimpot control permits the user to adjust the phase of the reference signals with respect to the position of the mirror or the vane. The adjustable range is 180°.
A second trimpot provides amplitude adjustment in the range of 10% to 100% of the full amplitude.


Input power+/-12V to +/-15V DC, 0.3 Amp max. for the AGC-PC
110V or 220V AC, 10W for AGC-110 and AGC-220
Frequency range5 Hz to 20 KHz
Amplitude regulation0.01% or better typical (depending on temperature range)
Amplitude adjustment range10% to 100% of full amplitude
Reference outputSine and TTL level square wave
Phase adjustment range180 degrees
Voltage control input0V to 5Vdc input into 10K ohm for the AGC-VC

TYPE [AGC-110, AGC-VC-110, AGC-220, AGC-VC-220, AGC-110/220, AGC-VC-110/220, AGC-PC, AGC-VC-PC], per customer specifications.

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