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optical modulators / choppers / shutters
tuning fork (fixed frequency) choppers
variable frequency choppers
choppers / shutters
rotating wheel (variable frequency) choppers

optical chopping / modulating systems
optical chopping systems locked to ext. clock
optical chopping systems locked in master/slave mode

optical SAFETY shutters
laser safety (interlock) shutters
X-Ray (interlock) shutters

optical shutters, choppers and filters
optical shutters / choppers
optical choppers / shutters
filter selectors

optical scanners and deflectors
resonant (fixed frequency) scanners
beam deflectors

optical scanning / deflecting systems
- optical scanners locked to an external clock signal
- optical scanning systems to generate
a circle or an ellipse or to lock optical scanners
in phase or out of phase

- optical scanning systems to generate
a Raster Scan or Lissajous Patterns

- X,Y raster scanning systems
- 2-axis deflectors

ED Driver
AGC Driver
PLD-1C Driver
PLD-1S Driver
PLD-2C Driver
PLD-2S Driver
PLD-2SXY Driver
PLD-XYG Driver
DCH-40 Driver
DCH-50 Driver
DCH-60 Driver
DSH-10 Driver
DSH-20 Driver
DSH-35 Driver
DSH-65 Driver

other products
Filter selectors
Rotating Wheel Optical Choppers
photo diode amplifiers
o/e and e/o converters
fiber optic multiplexers
fiber optic video links
laser vibrometers
Photodiode Transimpedance Amplifier
Analog / digital fiber links
Optical time domain reflectometers
Optical spectrum detectors
Tuneable laser sources
Variable optical attenuators
Loss test sets
Fiber optic power meters
Light sources
Visual fault locators
Video probes
Fiber identifiers

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Welcome to Electro-Optical Products Corporation

Electro-Optical Products Corp.(EOPC), established in 1992, is a small business, woman-owned and operated, headquartered in Ridgewood, NY, USA. We manufacture standard and custom components and sub-systems with drive electronics to build sophisticated systems.
Our products offer breakthrough, practical, energy-saving solutions for OEM customers. We offer experience, non-stop innovation and superior products.

EOPC manufactures high quality, low cost and long life optical scanners, choppers and shutters used, with light, X-Ray and lasers.
Most products can be used in the full spectrum band from X-Ray to FIR and also in high temperature, vacuum and in cryogenic environment.
Our products are suitable for long life dedicated applications and can be incorporated in larger systems and in portable instruments. They are used in industrial, commercial, scientific, medical, aerospace and military applications worldwide.

Our result driven team will help you select the best suited cost effective components to turn your creative ideas into successful products.
We look forward to the challenges that OEM customers bring.



SC-2 The Mini Sub-Miniature - The smallest size mechanical scanner available (can be used as an intra cavity Q-SWITCH)
SC-3 Sub-Miniature Resonant Scanner - The very small mechanical scanner available (can be used as an intra cavity Q-SWITCH)
SC-5-HF Miniature Resonant Scanner - HIGH FREQUENCY (to 2.2KHz) RESONANT OPTICAL SCANNER model(can be used as an intra cavity Q-SWITCH)
SC-10-HF Miniature Resonant Scanner - HIGH FREQUENCY (to 3KHz) RESONANT OPTICAL SCANNER model(can be used as an intra cavity Q-SWITCH)
DSH-10-TIMER driver for laser safety shutter with a timer to open the shutter for a specific time from the range of 0.1sec to 10 hours.
CH-25 Miniature Tuning Fork Chopper integrated with drive electronics - The smallest size mechanical chopper available.


SH-65 and SH-35 large aperture ULTRA-LOW VIBRATION optical shutter/chopper

Shutter/chopper offers a virtually vibration-free operation. It is low cost and easy to operate and integrate. It is available in high volume quantities. Frequency: DC to 25Hz as a shutter and DC to 50Hz as a chopper. Response time: 10 mSec . Lifetime: 100M cycle min. Stops in the OPEN or CLOSE position.