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Fiber Optic O/E Converters
  • 1 KV/W to 100 KV/W selectable gain settings
  • In GaAs or Si detectors for use at all
    fiber optic wavelengths
  • GaAs (400-1700nm range) & Si (400-1000nm range)
  • Capable of driving a 50 ohm load
  • AC or DC coupling
  • ST or FC connectors
  • Mounts of scope BNC input
  • Transimpedance ranges: 1.4K, 14K
  • Gain select: ×1, ×10
  • Max. linear input power: >1.2mW
  • Bandwidth:125 MHz bandwidth @ 1.4 K transimpedance
      35 MHz bandwidth @ 14 K transimpedance
  • Output impedance: 50 Ohm coaxial cable
  • Output connector: Male BNC
  • Fiber optic input connector: ST or FC receptacles
  • Unconnectorized detector for free space beams optional
  • Input numerical aperture: 0.29
  • Interstage coupling: AC or DC
  • Output offset voltage: +/- 1V @ max gain
  • Max Output voltage: 4V P-P no load,
    2V P-P w/ 50 ohm load
  • Noise level: 3 pA / Hz1/2
  • Power required: 9V Lithium battery powers the unit
    for approximate 30 hrs (no load)
  • Dimensions: 1.2"W × 2.5"L × 1.5"H
    (30.5cmW × 63cmL × 38cmH)
  • Weight: 5 oz (150 gm)
  • Operating temp: 0-400°C


optical modulators / choppers / shutters
tuning fork (fixed frequency) choppers
variable frequency choppers
choppers / shutters
rotating wheel (variable frequency) choppers

optical chopping / modulating systems
optical chopping systems locked to ext. clock
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optical SAFETY shutters
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optical shutters / choppers
optical choppers / shutters
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resonant (fixed frequency) scanners
beam deflectors

optical scanning / deflecting systems
- optical scanners locked to an external clock signal
- optical scanning systems to generate
a circle or an ellipse or to lock optical scanners
in phase or out of phase

- optical scanning systems to generate
a Raster Scan or Lissajous Patterns

- X,Y raster scanning systems
- 2-axis deflectors

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DSH-65 Driver

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The TIA-500 is an easy to use optical to electrical converter. It is used when a there is a need to check the operation of a laser source, the output of a fiber optic communication link etc. It can be mounted directly on the BNC connector of your oscilloscope or digitizer and when energized the optical signal presented to the fiber input port is reproduced on the oscilloscope screen. The unit is backed by a two year warranty.