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Optical Shutters and Filters


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optical modulators / choppers / shutters
tuning fork (fixed frequency) choppers
variable frequency choppers
choppers / shutters

optical chopping / modulating systems
optical chopping systems locked to ext. clock
optical chopping systems locked in master/slave mode

optical SAFETY shutters
laser safety (interlock) shutters
X-Ray (interlock) shutters

optical shutters, laser safety shutters and pulse pickers
optical shutters
laser safety shutters
X-Ray safety shutters
low frequency pulse pickers
motorized filter selectors

low frequency pulse pickers

optical scanners and deflectors
resonant (fixed frequency) scanners
beam deflectors

optical scanning / deflecting systems
- optical scanners locked to an external clock signal
- optical scanning systems to generate
a circle or an ellipse or to lock optical scanners
in phase or out of phase

- optical scanning systems to generate
a Raster Scan or Lissajous Patterns

- X,Y raster scanning systems
- 2-axis deflectors

ED Driver
AGC Driver
PLD-1C Driver
PLD-1S Driver
PLD-2C Driver
PLD-2S Driver
PLD-2SXY Driver
PLD-XYG Driver
DCH-40 Driver
DCH-50 Driver
DCH-60 Driver
DSH-10 Driver
DSH-20 Driver
DSH-35 Driver
DSH-65 Driver
DSH-66 Driver

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Optical Shutters/Choppers

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Laser Beam Safety (Interlock) Shutters
X-Ray Safety (Interlock) Shutters

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Low Frequency Pulse Pickers

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Motorized Optical Filter Selectors

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