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DCH-50 Driver
DCH-50-PC  DCH-50-110/220
  • Specially designed for CH-50
  • External clock input
  • High frequency stability (to 0.005%)
  • Set to closed or open postion


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The DCH-50 driver can operate the CH-50 Optical Shutter/Choppers. The DCH-50 driver has two modes of operation: "internal" and "external" mode (the mode of operation is set by the clock select switch).

In the internal mode, an internal oscillator circuit controls the CH-50 chopper. The frequency of the oscillator is controlled by a frequency trim pot. Turning the trim pot will set a frequency anywhere in the range of 1.5Hz to 12Hz. The frequency stability in this mode is about 0.5%.

In the external mode, the chopper is controlled by an external TTL level clock input supplied by the user. This clock signal is connected to the external clock input connector and the clock select switch is set to the external position. In this mode, the frequency stability is determined by the stability of the external clock input. If the clock has a stability of 0.005%, this will also be the stability of the chopper.


The DCH-50 Driver is available in two configurations:
Model DCH-50-PC: A board level driver
Model DCH-50-110/220: A cased driver, 5.3" × 5.3" × 2" operating from a line voltage of 110V ac or 220V ac

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