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Variable Frequency Optical Modulators
CH-40-LS  CH-40-HS
  • VARIABLE frequency from DC to 30 Hz
  • Low Cost
  • Large aperture
  • Small size/lightweight
  • No radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Metal vanes are standard, mirrors, prisms or lenses optional1
1 Available on special order


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The variable low frequency chopper (optical modulator)/ shutter/ beam deflector is a chopping vane mounted on a motor with a limited rotation angle. The position of the rotor follows the input current with respect to amplitude and frequency. The mechanical rotation of the vane relative to its rest position depends on the direction and the magnitude of the current in the drive coil. The chopper covers a frequency range from DC to 30 Hz. It can hold very large vane, mirror, grating and other optical and electro-optical devices.

The chopper is used when very low frequencies are desired. It is used for large light beam chopping or for simultaneous chopping of multiple optical beams. It is also used as a shutter. If the vane is replaced with a mirror, it is used as an optical beam deflector.

The chopper/ beam deflector/ shutter comes in two versions:
1) The CH-40-LS is a low speed, wide angle chopper
2) The CH-40-HS is a high speed, narrow angle chopper

The LFC driver is used to drive the chopper.

Special configurations and elements other than specified are available as a special order (consult EOPC). Drive electronics with different package, regulation and power supply options are available. Special pricing for OEM applications is also available.

 24° peak to peak 
 15° peak to peak 
 About 20mSec, depending
on the vane size 
 About 5mSec, depending
on the vane size 
 50mA/degree, ±600mA max. 
 80mA/degree, ±600mA max. 
 7 ohms 
 7 ohms 


TYPE [CH-40]; VANE SIZE [mm]; ANGLE [P-P Deg.]
Example: PART NO. CH40-20×30×5-15. This part number specifies the model CH-40 chopper, a 20 × 30mm × 5mm thick vane and a 15° peak to peak angle.

See CAD DRAWINGS (above) for additional information.

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